How to Print

Have a Model in .STL format and come into our Lab in Lambertus 1234 during the hours a Supervisor is available. More information about STLs can be found here. It is recommended to bring your own computer for easier review and model submission. The Schedule of Supervisors can be found here.

The Supervisor on duty will let you in the lab, and either check your membership status or if you are paying by the gram they will walk you through that process.

The Supervisor on duty will then review your model and determine if it is printable. You will only be able to print if printers are available

Once it has been deemed printable, the Supervisor will give you a google form link to upload your model to. 

Once Submitted the Supervisor will start your print. You will receive an email when your print is completed. You can pick it up form the drop box that is located in our lab.

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